About AVIHelp: Tech Support, Simplified.

Founded by tech enthusiast Dustin M. and leadership expert Brittany W., AVIHelp is the culmination of a shared vision to revolutionize the tech support industry. Dustin, with his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over two decades of experience, brings a wealth of technical knowledge and a passion for problem-solving to the table. Brittany, whose years of experience in team leadership have honed her skills in organization and customer service, ensures that our team operates like a well-oiled machine.

Together, they recognized a common pain point: the need for on-demand tech support that’s both accessible and efficient. They envisioned a service that could provide immediate assistance, anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of long wait times or complex processes. Thus, AVIHelp was born.

“Our journey began with a simple idea and has since grown into a mission to provide the world with the support it needs to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. We’ve had the privilege of working with various companies, delivering solutions that not only fix immediate issues but also empower our clients to embrace technology with confidence.

We are proud to be Team AVIHelp, a group of dedicated professionals committed to making tech support a seamless experience. Our goal is to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered and that our clients can rely on us to be their trusted tech allies”.

Welcome to AVIHelp – where your tech troubles meet their match.